Top Tips To Make Your Laptop Last Longer

Laptops are being used more commonly than desktops as they allow you to work from anywhere… until they stop working! Here are some top tips to make your laptop last longer!

1. Keep it protected

Purchase a case for your laptop to protect it from any bumps and scratches. Bumps and scratches can affect the hardware in your laptop which in turn will affect how your laptop runs, so it is best to protect your laptop before this can happen! There is a large variety of laptop cases available, ranging from a slim line sleeve to a heavy duty case – any of these will help to protect your laptop!

2. Keep it clean

This will not only make your laptop look nicer, but it will keep dust and grime out of hinges and plugs. This will reduce the wear of your laptop, making it last longer. Simply wiping your laptop down and cleaning out the nooks and crannies will make a massive difference.

3. Keep it cool

If your laptop is exposed to extreme heat continually, there is a good chance it will not last very long! Heat has a horrible impact on electronic devices, causing screen damage and shortened battery life. The heat will also cause the metal and wires to expand, then contract when it cools down. If this is happening often, it is likely that you will experience many more problems. Keep your devices cool by keeping it out of direct sunlight (whenever possible) and keeping it out of the hot car.

4. Keep it for other uses

There will come a point in time when your laptop will reach the end of it’s life as you know it. The speed and performance of the laptop may slow down, meaning you can’t do your work on it, but this doesn’t mean it can’t be used for anything else. Simply transform it into a games laptop for the kids or a DVD player for holidays. Using the laptop for one simple function will increase its life and allow you to get the most out of it.

Top Tips To Make Your Laptop Last Longer |

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