Network Design

Is your network supporting your staff? 

Or has it grown into an unmanageable white elephant preventing your staff from being efficient?

network-designYour network set-up impacts everything you do. A poorly implemented network can decrease efficiency and effectiveness and increase costs and frustration:

  • Do half your staff print on the expensive colour printer simply because they aren’t connected to the black and white laser? Are you wasting time moving data to another PC to print a colour brochure.
  • Has your payroll run late because you only run the accounts on the reception PC and it was busy?
  • Is accessing files taking so much time you may as well go out to lunch while they download?
  • Need an urgent file but it is on Joan’s PC and she has switched off and gone home?
  • Some of your software only runs on 32 bit system but you have a 64 bit system. Don’t even know what that means? Don’t worry our Techs do and they can solve the problem.
  • Find you are running different software versions and they can’t “talk across the system”?
  • How often does the system freeze half way through a file transfer?

Network design can be a specialised task but, let’s face it most networks just grew when no-one was looking and now are a mess of connections and cables and gremlins.

Imagine Now I.T. can analyse your needs and implement an efficient, smooth running system which enables your staff to:

  • Communicate,
  • Share data,
  • Share resources,
  • Improve network speed and reliability.