Data security is critical to the running of your business. 

securityLose your data and you lose your business.

Everyone knows you should back-up but not everyone does it.

Do you back-up? And:

  • how often? If the drive crashes do you lose an hours a work? a days? a weeks? – for all your staff!
  • all your data? What about your emails? The funny directory where your accounting software keeps its database? The drive on the PC where some-one keeps the customer list?

Have you checked the back-up drive? And:

  • is it complete?
  • what format is it in? Can you restore the entire system or just load up the data files one at a time?

What about the software?

  • will you have to reload it from original disks
  • did you have disks (can you find them) or did you download it (from where and where did you store the file with the activation codes)?

How many back-up drives do you run?

  • if a virus corrupted data three days ago or a week ago – could you recover or would the back-up be corrupted also?
  • is the drive so old it could fail at any minute?

Disk crashes are only one part of it. Have your data stolen and you could be up for millions of dollars from identity theft, damage to your reputation and irate customers. How secure is the access to your systems from:

  • hackers,
  • malware
  • is personal information about your customers on your system
  • is your company’s credit and identity information on your system?

Imagine Now I.T. can help you ensure your data, your identity and your customer’s information is kept safe and secure:

  • review your system’s security health and advise you
  • install appropriate anti-malware software and keep it current
  • maintain your backup system
  • and, ensure you don’t have to worry – you get on with the business and we get on with ours