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Client Services

Imagine Now I.T. provides clients with an increasing number of services. We can give you:

  • IT Consulting – analyse your systems and business needs, design tailored solutions, manage your system, keep your licences and domain registrations up-to-date. Your systems protection and important registrations will stay current.
  • Installation of equipment and software we don’t just drop the solution on you and run away. We stay and make sure that all the systems you need are up and running and your business is going smoothly.
  • Software support and training – we don’t abandon you the moment the system is installed – we stay for the long haul, training, mentoring, maintenance, growth into the future. We’ll be there for you.
  • Repair and service – when something breaks down, wears out or just needs changing we’ll keep you supported and running.
  • IT partner – we can do much more than solve the immediate problem. We can be your virtual IT Manager: monitor your systems; provide data security through backups and restore checks, disaster recovery platforms and planning; be your cloud host and keep your business mobile and connected; manage your users and systems.
  • NBN Business Service Plan – These packages are based on fibre to the node and fibre to the premises being available.
    Included in these packages:
    • Pre-configuration of modem purchased We also have a great range of extra NBN services available to you (not included in packages):
    • Modem/router
    • Onsite (time to set up)
    • 4G failover – have peace of mind with this back up internet connection so even if the NBN goes down, you won’t.
    Click here to see our NBN Pricing Plans

On-site Computer Systems

Imagine Now hasn’t forgotten the nuts and bolts of computer systems.

We can supply you with all your computer needs and come on-site and install them for you:

  • Computers
  • Servers
  • Peripherals and other computer related equipment
  • Industry standard platforms
  • Anti-virus protection