System Health Check

Not sure what you need but you are sure it should work better than this?

system-health-checkWhen did your system last get an overhaul?

  • Did it just grow or was it designed to meet your needs and to grow with you into the future?
  • Can’t find important documents?
  • Constant system crashes, freezes and “go slows”
  • Do you know how long it would take you to restore if you had a catastrophic failure? Could your recover?  Do you know what you would have to do?

System security is an important part of a health check.  How secure is your data?  Can some-one hack in a steal your data or identity?  Is your data retrievable after a system crash – when did you last try a test restore from your back-up drive (you do back up don’t you?).

Imagine Now I.T. will do a full analysis of your current system and give you a written proposal outlining the problems we have found and how we can help you resolve these.

We can offer you on-going monitoring of your system’s health so that it stays efficient and effective.