Cloud Services

Longing for a Cloud? We can have it at your fingertips.

Can’t imagine why anyone would want to go the Cloud way?


Cloud Services | Cloud services
Cloud Services | Cloud services

Yes? Well then, whether in an office or out on the road Imagine Now I.T.’s Cloud Services is for you!

Whether you have three staff in an office or 20 staff on the road (or somewhere in between), we can provide a fully managed, secure feature-rich system which can be accessed from anywhere.

Imagine your team connected with our Cloud technology. Your receptionist can quickly check where everyone is, or book an appointment for anyone. Your team can respond to emails and appointment changes on the move, send quotes to customers and close sales effectively via mobile email – that’s the power of Imagine Now I.T.’s Cloud Services.

All infrastructure is located locally – no offshore or overloaded servers hosting your important business communications. No snooping by Big Brother. Imagine Now I.T. stores your mailboxes on our secure servers. If your computer is lost, broken or stolen, simply logon from another computer & continue as if nothing happened. No missed messages, no lost mail, no lost appointments or tasks.

We can help you select the right service level for you, get set-up and support you going forward. We provide documentation, user guides, and lend a hand when you want it.

Cloud email gives you:

We can “cloud” you for many other services too:

Don't know what "Cloud" means?

Cloud is a place to where you have all the benefits of owning expensive IT infrastructure and services without the headaches and the cost. “Cloud” is an internet based environment so you can access your service wherever you have an internet connection.

You don’t need to own the IT resources – you “rent” them so you decrease your capital expenditure cost and replace it with operating expenditure. Pay as you go, increase and decrease your resources as you need.

Imagine Now IT cloud services take away the headache of maintaining infrastructure and security and give you the freedom of the all the latest IT resources you could ever want.