Top Tips for Travelling with Electronics

Laptops, tablets, cameras, phones, GoPros and charging cords seem to be on the list of essential packing items when travelling these days. To make your travel as easy as possible, here are some top tips for travelling with electronics.

1. When packing, ensure that your electronic devices are easily accessible. When going through airport security, you will be required to remove all devices from your luggage to go through the scanner. If you’re devices are easily accessible, you will be able to quickly unpack and repack your bag, saving time and making this process much easier for yourself and everyone else in the line.

2. Make things easier by only bringing common electronic devices such as phones, cameras, tablets, laptops and gaming devices. Whilst it is certainly legal and fine to bring other, more unusual, electronic devices it may be a good idea to allow extra time. You may need to explain what it is and go through some questions with airport security. Remember they are there to ensure everyone’s safety and they will pull up anything that looks even slightly suspicious. Don’t stress, so long as you can explain what it is and show that it is not harmful, you should be fine to take it with you.

3. It is best to avoid free public wifi. It can be a long wait at the airport before you can board so you may like to fill in the time by checking emails or browsing social media. Most airports have wifi but some will charge fees so it can be very tempting to choose the free wifi option, however this is not a good idea! If it is not recommended by the airport, it is best to avoid it your for online safety. It is common that these networks are manned by hackers who are trying to access your login information for your emails, banking or anything else you do whilst using that network. To protect yourself, only connect the official airport wifi, use your mobile’s data or just wait until you arrive at your destination.

4. Activate Airplane Mode for the flight. The flight attendant may ask you to turn off your phone as there is a small risk of your device interfering with the airplane’s communication during take off and landing. Airplane mode will allow you to still use your device for some things and it also saves your device’s battery.

Top Tips for Travelling with Electronics |

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