Clouds are Altering the IT Landscape

In a highly technology-dependent society, more and more employees are working outside the office, in various locations. Businesses and staff now have instant remote access, however, there are several negative implications. When team members are working remotely, using devices such as iPads, laptops, tablets and more, there is an increased risk of losing intellectual property. This places high levels of stress on business owners, who are potentially losing control over the work that is done externally.

Imagine Now I.T. has fast identified this ever-increasing problem, and come up with the solution – Cloud Services. We have developed the “Cloud Services” system, which allows any member of your team to do a number of things, such as:

  • Check the location of staff members
  • Book appointments
  • Respond to emails
  • Send quotes

The Cloud Services system is centrally managed and controlled through a console and 100% secure – Imagine Now I.T. stores this information on our servers, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your intellectual property is safe. What’s amazing about this system, is, if your e-device is lost, broken or stolen, simply log on to another device and continue your project.

In only a few years, cloud technology has altered the information technology landscape and changed the way both large enterprises and small businesses are operating, being productive and servicing their customers. A recent study of over 4226 businesses across nine key economies discovered that this game-changing technology is continuing to grow due to unprecedented internet growth.

Cisco and Intel estimate that there were about 200 million people connected to the internet in 2000. This has grown to over 10 billion today and is expected to grow. Approximately 50 billion internet connected people by 2020. What does this internet usage growth mean for our Hunter Based Businesses? It means our potential and current customers are online. They are mobile, tech savvy and have an internet is everything approach. We need to be able to reach and service them relying on this technological platform. Cloud technology is the pillar of this future growth and it has never been more important for business owners to use cloud technology to communicate with their target markets.

The team at Imagine Now I.T. offer IT services with a personal touch and can take the thunderstorm out of your cloud as one of the only local IT companies that offer Cloud services hosted within our City. Visit or call us on 4934 4966 and chat to one of our friendly, local IT Specialists today.

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