Wireless Networks

Has your physical or wireless network reached its limit?  

Do you need to expand into areas hard to wire or is your current wireless system unable to reach the distance? 

wireless-networksDo you wish you could connect to your data from anywhere in the office or factory?

Did you buy the building across the road and now need to connect to it?

Site to site or within a site wireless networks can be a great benefit!
The benefits of having all or part of your network wireless based are easily achievable:

  • Mobility means increased productivity: access to your data and systems from anywhere in the office or factory.  Don’t tie you staff to their desks.  Wireless means they can move around the site, have a meeting, collaborate with greater efficiency because they can access data and systems from anywhere at any time.
  • Cost Savings: No wiring means not just decreased costs on the point of installation but continued savings because of reduced maintenance costs as well. The real effect to the bottom line, however, comes from increased productivity.
  • Maximum Flexibility: re-layout the office anytime without the cost of re-wiring. Your staff can move into teams, move away from noise, or move to a more efficient layout without the costs and delays of physical wiring. Offices and teams can be reconfigured dynamically to increase efficiency and productivity.
  • Easy growth: Adding extra staff or offices? Adding a warehouse? Wireless make the additions easy and painless. No costly wiring, no delays. Grow your network simply and inexpensively whenever you need.
  • Low cost: Wireless negates the need to do time consuming cable pulling with costly wiring. No more struggling to reach the unreachable corner.
  • Guest access: impress customers by giving them immediate access to the network for printing, downloading – whatever they need – or accommodate that interstate staff member instantaneously.

Imagine Now IT can install a new wireless network throughout your business location, help boost your current wireless system to reach those distant spots or combine with your current physical system to reach areas where it is hard to run cable. Network access points, wireless LAN, VoIP – we can design and set-up for you and help you maintain it as well.

Whether you want a new system, a system upgrade or just some-one to investigate the issues and give you a down to earth option we can help.  Whatever application you have in mind, video streaming, VoIP, mobile phones or just running your business we can recommend a network solution for you.

Whether you need to provide internet access to the back motel room for you clients or connect your staff across a major highway Imagine Now IT can provide.