We are a LEAP Legal Software I.T Partner

We’re proud IT Partners with LEAP Legal Software, offering legal practices IT support for what may be one of the best legal software platforms available in Australia.  We’re accredited by LEAP Legal Software and provide reliable technical support for their users. LEAP Legal Software is the most popular software provider in its field for small law firms.

If your law firm uses or is considering using LEAP Legal Software, we highly recommend this legal management software for Australian-based legal firms. LEAP is possibly the best cloud-based legal practice management software available.

At Imagine Now IT, We’re committed to our supporting clients using legal accounting software, particularly LEAP. As an accredited service provider, we have additional technical resources at our disposal to support LEAP users, as well as direct access to the LEAP Client Space so we can better service our clients. 

We are a LEAP Legal Software I.T Partner |
Imagine Now IT are partners with leap legal software.

So, what exactly is LEAP legal software?

“The LEAP Practice Management Platform is your completely integrated legal practice management software and legal accounting solution in a single application. With exceptional data security, a huge library of guides, precedents and automated documents, take advantage of productivity-boosting features included with LEAP.”

– LEAP.com.au Home Page

Headquartered in Sydney, LEAP Legal Software is now a global technology company and has been helping small law firms to operate more efficiently since 1992. LEAP is approved by the Law Society of New South Wales and now has more than 5000 law firms in Australia choosing LEAP to help run their law firms. LEAP has expanded in recent years to include offices in the United Kingdom and the United States as well as Australia.

LEAP has a commitment to constant innovation and spends more than $10 million per year on research and development in order to deliver a legal practice management software program that is possibly the best legal software for Australian law firms. Their constant investment into their product aligns their software to industry trends and the needs of their clients. It’s this year-on-year dedication that makes LEAP some of the best legal practice management software available in Australia.

Designed by those who understand the legal industry, LEAP Legal Software promotes itself as a “one-stop-shop” for small law practice management. It’s one of the best legal software companies, which is why we endorse them as an IT-managed service provider. For more information on LEAP, how it works and how it can help your legal practice, you can visit their website. If you need help choosing legal management software specific to your own legal firm, OR, are interested in LEAP in particular, why not have a chat to us? We’re local technology experts and we can support legal software implementation into your business. Legal operations software will become the infrastructure backbone of your firm, so it’s important it’s implemented correctly the first time. That’s not only best practice, it will make you a better legal practice.

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