4 Tech Tools To Protect A Tradie’s Tools

Looking for how to keep your tools from being stolen?

Tradies are combating tool theft with smart tech

Tradies all over Australia rely on tools of their trade to make a living. Without tools, if you’re a tradie, you’re kind of out of a job! Tool theft is an issue that continues to plague the industry, and with the enduring threat, companies are creating new tech to safeguard tools for tradies. Here’s a few smart tools on our radar as an IT company for builders.

1. Tracking Devices

GPS tracking devices are being used to boost builders’ team performance and safety, but these tools are also used by tradies to ID tools and prevent them from being stolen. Keep track of tools location with these tiny small, discreet devices that can be literally stuck to your most prized drill. The trackers work by transmitting the GPS location of your tools to your smartphone or computer, so you can see exactly where your tools are at all times. If your tools are ever stolen, you’ll be able to provide the police with their location, making it easier for them to recover your stolen property.

When choosing a GPS tracker, be sure to consider the features you need, such as real-time tracking, the ability to set up alerts, and importantly, the range of the device. If you need advice for your building company’s IT setup, drop us a line. We help all sorts of businesses manage their technology, including tradies.

2. Remote Operated Smart(er) Locks

Locks are getting smarter, and a smart lock is another useful way to keep your tools from being stolen. These locks are designed to be fitted to your shed, van or toolbox and like the GPS option, are connected to your smartphone or computer.

Tip: Some smart locks can be both cut and/or hacked. Look for a tamper-resistant products like Samsung SHS-H700.

A smart lock work by allowing you to lock and unlock your tools remotely, so you don’t have to worry about losing keys to your lock, either. They also allow you to keep a log of who has access to your tools and when, so you can keep track of who has been using them. Nice.

3. Smart Toolboxes

Smart toolboxes also use technology to keep your tools safe. They work by using a combo of smart locks, GPS tracking devices, and alarm systems to ensure that your tools are protected. The smart locks can be locked and unlocked remotely, and the GPS tracking devices will alert you if your tools are moved outside a designated area. The alarm system will also sound if anyone tries to break into your toolbox, so you’ll know if your tools are in danger. That’s probably a more efficient idea than a guard dog, right?

4. Inventory Management Systems

Inventory management systems are designed to help you keep track of your tools and equipment. They work by allowing you to create a digital inventory of all your tools, including their serial numbers and descriptions. This information can then be used to generate reports, track the movement of your tools, and generate alerts if any tools go missing.

An example of a company that offers record-tracking for tools is Tool Protect.

how to keep your tools from being stolen
Tool protect has created an app that’s a ‘virtual tool box’ for tradies.

5. AI-powered Security Systems

AI can be integrated into security systems to help identify potential threats. These systems can also be programmed to automatically alert security staff or yourself if any suspicious activity is detected. Cameras can use image recognition technology to identify specific tools and equipment, making it easier to determine if anything has been stolen.

There are several companies that offer AI-powered security systems in Australia, including Bosch. If you’re looking for a full-on technology-based security system, you may like to have a chat to one of our IT experts. They have their finger on the pulse with the latest technology solutions for builders.

From GPS tracking devices and smart locks to smart toolboxes and inventory management systems, there are now multiple systems available to help you keep your tools safe. By implementing these technologies, you’ll be able to reduce the risk of tool theft, and protect your livelihood.

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