Top Tips for Web Browsing

Top Tips for Web Browsing |

Most people spend a majority of their time on the computer browsing the web, either for work, study or entertainment purposes. Here are some top tips to make your web browsing quicker, easier and more efficient:

  • Use multiple tabs: by using multiple tabs you are able to quickly and easily switch between articles and web pages. If you are on a web page and would like to open a link but still continue reading, simply open the link in a new tab so you can easily access it when you have finished reading that page. To open a link in a new tab simply right click and select ‘open in new tab’ or hold down the CTRL key and left click. You can also use CTRL + T to open a blank tab.
  • Unless you want to access a secure website, you can skip the http://: You don’t need to type this in to the web browser to reach a website. In fact most websites you don’t even have to type the www. So keep this in mind to save yourself some time. In order to access a secure website, you will need to type in the https://.
  • Tab to a new field: When filling out an online form or even sending an email, you can use the TAB key on your keyboard to quickly move to the next text field. If you TAB too far simply use SHIFT + TAB to go back a field.
  • Refresh the webpage: sometimes when a web page isn’t loading properly or an issue has occurred, a simple page refresh could resolve this. Press F5 or CTRL + R on your keyboard to refresh the page.
  • Use CTRL + F to find what you are looking for: this brings up a search box so you can easily find where that word or phrase appears on the web page.

The more you use these tricks, the quicker and easier your web browsing will become, making work and study more efficient.

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