Top 4 Back to School Gadgets

Top 4 Back to School Gadgets |

It’s time to get ready for back to school and in the rhythm of work for 2017. Student or not – here’s 4 gadgets that will help you get organised and motivated for this year!

The Kindle is a fantastic, small device that holds battery for lengthy periods of time and can store more books than a backpack! Anyone who passed through school in the day of the textbook can appreciate the ease of this modern, compact device.

When used for education, Kindles make the school, college or university day far more convenient as they are simply carted to classes. They are also useful for quick reading during down time in the doctor’s office or while waiting for public transport.

The loss of phone, backpack or even bike can be common occurrence in the busy life of a student. That’s where tiles can come in handy. A Tile is a small Bluetooth tag that can be attached to any item you own. Should you lose a tagged item, simply open the app on your phone and select locate. Provided the item is within Bluetooth range, it will start beeping so you can find it.

The Tile can even be double tapped and will make your phone chime- even when set on vibrate. When a few tiles are employed on all major items (backpack, phone and house keys especially!) you can potentially save many hours of searching!

Another cool feature is that if you have the Tile app, every device with the Tile app running will passively listen for the tiles marked as missing. So, if another person has a tile in range of your phone marked missing, your phone will anonymously report the Tile’s location. This means that if you’re hundreds of miles away from a lost tile, an item you would otherwise never recover, another person’s phone can still locate it for you!

Thumb Drive
Every student needs a reliable, safe thumb drive. While programs such as DropBox and Google Drive are seemingly making them obsolete, there are still plenty of great uses and features of the classic thumb drive. Transferring large files or for use when no internet connection is available are two examples.

When looking for a thumb drive, check out product reviews and consider the speed for file transfer, storage capacity and physical size of the drive- smaller is best for storing and transporting.
Professional Advice- Format your new thumb drive as exFAT. This will allow it to be used on Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems.

Back-Up Power
Backup power is pretty much an essential for students spending long days out and about between classes and study time in the library. There are plenty of options on the market for backup power for devices. Ideally, you will want something that is small but holds plenty of power. Imagine being the campus hero next time a friend loses battery on their phone!

For further advice on handy gadgets and I.T. for back to school or work, contact the team at Imagine Now IT today!

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