NBN Horror Stories

The experiences detailed below, both local and elsewhere in Australia, are not isolated incidences!

All across Australia, the switch over to NBN has caused some absolute horror stories. Here’s a few that we have heard recently:

We chose to go with a big Telco company that assured us the process of transitioning to NBN would be easy and simple.

Nothing could be further from the truth. First drama, our account was accidentally cancelled and our phone number placed in quarantine for three weeks. Anytime clients or potential clients called they were greeted with the message, “This phone has been disconnected,” which doesn’t fill anyone with much confidence.

Three weeks and 15 hours on the phone later, the only way to save our phone number was to call in another phone organisation for help. We then found ourselves with different providers for the internet and VOIP phone. This increased our operating costs. As the internet provider didn’t have enough bandwidth, we started to suffer constant connectivity drop-outs. Finally, we had to move our phone and NBN on to the same provider to decrease the costs associated.

Now things have finally been resolved, we wish we had gone through a local provider like Imagine Now I.T. as we feel it would have saved us time and money.
Kis Marketing
Local Business
Up until December 20 last year, all of our services were with a small telco company. Right before Christmas, I received an SMS telling me that this small company had gone into liquidation and that I should look for another provider. Two days later, and during a degree heatwave where we had been unable to source a new provider, all our services were cut. No landline, no NBN, nothing! Our customers were getting a message saying that “the line is no longer in service,” which to our Seniors groups, means “out of business.”

We approached a large Telco company for help and they informed me that our landline was still active and they would have to get the prior company (the one in liquidation), to agree to port it over to them, so that they could divert it to our home line, as the copper line at Buttai Barn was broken. We previously had a VOIP system, which the big Telco didn’t provide, and the porting process took 9 WEEKS!! After 6 weeks of inaction, I contacted the Telecommunications Ombudsman who was more than helpful and even told me I could sue the big Telco for failure to provide a functional phone line.

After being passed to 5 different departments over a 9 week period, we were finally handed to the Customer Relationship Recovery Team who were able to port our number using a simple data entry that took 10 seconds. It is utterly astonishing to us how it can possibly take a big Telco company so much time, and so many different departments (and some communication on our part with the ombudsman) to get a resolution that seems so straight forward.

We are still waiting for our copper line to be fixed. This has been an absolute nightmare and has definitely cost us business, as well as time and frustration.
Buttai Barn
Local Business

The following story was reported by ABC News...

Julie Waites said her 85-year-old mother Patricia Alexander has been without a working phone at her Redcliffe home, north of Brisbane, since June when the NBN was connected in the area.

NBN customer Patricia Alexander in her Redcliffe home.

Her mother has dementia and is considered a medical priority. Ms Waites said her mum often fell and hurt herself, and she was worried about switching over.

“I didn’t want to switch over but I didn’t have a choice. Telstra said the phone would be switched off,” Ms Waites told the ABC.

She said since the NBN was connected, her mother’s phone continuously dropped out and important stored numbers got wiped.

Ms Waites said she had complained to the TIO and Telstra, and multiple technicians from both the telco and the NBN had come out to inspect the problem, but the phone line still dropped out after a few days.

The technicians have so far left five different Telstra modems, two NBN modems, two different phones, and a mess of cables.

“No-one is listening and they just try and do the same thing,” Ms Waites said.

“If she didn’t have an emergency alarm I don’t know what I would do.”

EMMA McBRIDE MP MEMBER FOR DOBELL reported the following story after a Hearing on NBN Horror Stories held on the Central Coast:

Mark Beatson, owner of a 24-hour gym in Lake Haven, described an ongoing fault that left his business without CCTV or security for customers for weeks. He said he spent thousands of dollars on equipment during the outage, in addition to around 80-90 hours dealing with his provider and waiting for technicians – a financial impact he will never be compensated for.

These experiences both local and elsewhere in Australia are not isolated incidences. In fact, NBN Horror Stories have become quite the topic in online discussion forums and on social media, with many businesses failing to ever get compensation for the losses sustained during extensive downtimes.

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