NBN Heroes

Creating smooth sailing experiences, one client at a time.

While there are a lot of horror stories out there when it comes to NBN transitions, the local NBN Heroes at Imagine Now I.T. are creating smooth sailing experiences, one client at a time.

Greenhills Conveyancing have been valued clients of Imagine Now IT since 2005, and Christine Jones has supplied the following testimonial regarding their good news NBN story:

NBN Heroes |

As a busy conveyancing practice we rely heavily on our phones and the internet, because of this I was extremely reluctant to make the change over to NBN.  If it’s not broken, don’t change it were my thoughts.  So after over 18 months of “encouragement” by way of phone calls, emails and brochures from Telstra together with reassurance from ImagineNow IT, I gave in to the NBN connection proceeding.  I had concerns about the downtime that would impact on the office during the actual connection to NBN.  My fear was that if I had to call a client to say, sorry you can’t settle the sale or purchase of your new home because we are having NBN connected, it would not be great for business and more importantly, for the client.    

The team at ImagineNow reassured me that I had fibre to the building and this was the best type of NBN connection.  ImagineNow also told me that it was my choice as to how involved I wanted them to be in the change over.  A member of the ImagineNow IT team could be present while Telstra were carrying out the change over, or I could manage it myself.  Internet services are not my field of expertise, so I opted for a team member from ImagineNow to attend the office and co-ordinate the change over directly with Telstra on my behalf.  Chris came to the office on the day and worked side by side with the Telstra technician throughout the installation.  I am pleased to say, it was a fairy tale ending!  NBN migration went without a hitch, downtime was about 10 minutes.  Internet and phones have worked smoothly since the NBN was connected and internet speed has been great.  Thanks to ImagineNow IT I was able to focus on my conveyancing practice while the NBN migration took place in the safe hands of Chris and his team at ImagineNow It.