Is it best to leave the computer on or switch it off?

Everyone seems to have different approaches to what they do with their computer at the end of the day, but what is best? There is no real answer for everyone as it depends on how the computer is used however we have collected some important information that may help you decide what is best foryou.

It is recommended that once a computer is turned on it should be left on for quite some time, until late in the day or when you have finished using the computer for the day. If you need programs to run over night such as back ups or virus scans, however, you will need to leave the computer on.

It can be useful to put the computer into Sleep mode instead of turning it off if you would like to save some boot up time. If you choose to leave your computer on all day, it is recommended that the monitor is switched off when you won’t be using it for periods longer than 10 minutes. This will allow the screen to refresh.

For offices with a large number of computers, it is recommended that these a turned off of a night time to save power. Turning the computer to power saving mode will help however it will still consumer power.

Some more tips & helpful information to help you choose what is best:

  • Turning the computer off will not cause power surges or damage components
  • Turning off computer will not cause cracks or harm electrical components – whilst the components will cool down when it is turned off, this will not harm them.
  • Turning off the computer won’t cause moving parts such as fans to wear down.
  • Turning the computer off is unlikely to wear down the power button. This has been an issue previously with old computers however this is not the case with modern computer manufacturers. It is still possible that the power button can break but not from simply turning the computer on and off.
  • It is not true that the computer takes more power when it boots up.
  • Leaving the computer on will not cause it to overheat (unless a fan is broken).
  • All information provided above is applicable for laptop devices as well.
Is it best to leave the computer on or switch it off? |

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