Data Recovery- Lost important files? We can help!

Data Recovery- Lost important files? We can help! |

Imagine Now IT are able to help with data recovery. With most of the population using smart phones for everything, from scheduling their lives to taking photos of their adventures, it’s safe to say that smart device data is priceless and the loss of files and data can be devastating. There’s no longer need to panic, however, as Imagine Now IT specialise in recovery from damaged or faulty mobile phones, tablets, hard disk drives, solid state drives, RAID arrays, NAS units, memory cards and USB flash drives of any brand, no matter the problem- we can help!

Mobile Phone and Tablet Data Recovery
If your phone has suffered from water damage, or will not power on for any reason, there’s a good chance the team at Imagine Now IT can help you. We would love to get your photos and personal information back to you, and in fact our services are one of few that are recommended by Apple for iPhone and iPad users.

Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery
When a hard drive stops working, stop using it immediately. Leave the drive in powered off state and get it to us as fast as you can. The best chance you have of recovering your important photos, videos, documents and files is with Imagine Now IT. We have access to the best technology, spare parts and facilities and will ensure your data is retrieved and returned.

SSD Data Recovery
There are a variety of reasons for SSD failure, including firmware corruption, memory chip faults, overheating, water spills, controller failure or electronic/PCB damage. We can help with any of these problems. At Imagine Now IT, it is our goal to recover your priceless photos, documents and files. We use the best technology, equipment and facilities.

RAID and NAS Data Recovery
Imagine Now  IT has a high success rate for data recovery for all types of RAID array failure.  We specialise in recovery from HP, Dell VMware, IBM and other business grade RAID arrays using SATA, SAS, SCSI, FC hard drives, as well as SSD RAID arrays with multiple failed drives.

Memory Card Data Recovery
If your memory card has ceased to be detected or you are left unable to see all your photos and videos, Imagine Now IT can help. Any brand or kind of card is fine, and we can generally fix the problems that others can’t, including chip-off and monolith recovery services.

USB Flash Drive Recovery
If your flash drive has broken or been snapped, don’t despair. Never mind if the computer says it’s undetected, all hope is not lost. We can help to repair, or remove the memory chip to extract the data using highly sophisticated methods.

We know how important the data saved on memory and personal devices can be, and we have a passion for helping people. If you need any kind of recovery services or help, give the experts at Imagine Now IT a call today on 4934 4966 to discuss your options and start the retrieval process.

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