Chrome Vs Internet Explorer

It’s the debate that doesn’t end… Chrome Vs Internet Explorer. Which do you use? Most people just use the browser that they have always used but what is the real difference?

  • Chrome is only just faster to boot up. Chrome has built a reputation for speed but Internet Explorer is not far behind, taking just 0.002 seconds longer to open.
  • Internet Explorer uses slightly less memory.
  • Chrome allows you to isolate problems caused by specific programs. This is the main reason Chrome uses slightly more memory to run than Internet Explorer.
  • Internet Explorer processes Javascript more than twice as fast as Chrome.
  • However, Chrome processes HTML5 more efficiently.
  • Chrome is known to be more aesthetically pleasing. Viewers like the simple, uncluttered design. Internet Explorer seems to be less polished with a boxy, angular design.
  • Internet Explorer doesn’t have much support for plug-ins, add-ons and web apps.
  • Chrome has an array of third-party extensions & applications.
  • Chrome is available on more platforms allowing iOS and Andriod users to sync their data across devices. Unfortunately Internet Explorer is only compatible with Windows phones.
  • Chrome is one of the best browsers available for security purposes however it’s privacy is not as strong.

In modern day, as we use multiple devices and don’t have the time to wait for things, it seems as though Chrome may be the better browser for most people. However, as with most things, they both have positives and negatives.

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