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Those in the business environment understand the importance of relationships and trust. We have a robust business and as a consequence I rely on those who support our business. For our IT needs and requirements we trust and feel supported by Chris and his team. He is a professional in the IT field and we respect his opinion and support.

I am able to commend Chris Burgess and his team at Imagine Now I.T. without reservation.

Mark Arnold – General Manager – Lawler Financial Services

Word of mouth referrals is the primary way Gascoigne Consulting acquires new clients and it is also our preferred way when choosing businesses to supply services to our business. Chris and Imagine Now I.T. came highly recommended to us from both a client and a colleague and they were among three businesses that we met with and sought proposals from as were looking to change IT providers over twelve months ago.

We are heavily reliant on computer technology in our business and we are committed to ensuring our hardware and software is maintained and updated regularly and any downtime is minimised. We are pleased to say that we have achieved all of these outcomes now that Imagine Now I.T. are part of our team – our erver is monitored daily and updated weekly, maintenance is carried out on all workstations quarterly and we can access Chris and his experienced and dedicated team when required. Fortunately, phone calls & emails to support have reduced considerably now we are working with Imagine Now I.T. and that allows us to get down to business. We have no hesitation in recommending Chris and the Imagine Now I.T. to any business looking for a tailored, personalised and valuable IT solution.

Amanda Gascoigne & Ryan Threlfo – Directors – Gascoigne Consulting

During the biggest ‘Storm of the Century’ Imagine Now I.T. was what gave me peace of mind. As I watched footage on Facebook of our businesses street going under water in the 2015 natural disaster, I knew that even if our office was destroyed all of our intellectual property was backed up, safe and secure. We could even work remotely and still access all the information we needed to service our clients, thanks to our cloud server and back up from Imagine Now I.T. As a business owner that peace of mind is golden.

Cristen Cable – Managing Director -Kis Marketing

Over the last 10 years Chris Burgess and his team have proactively implemented; managed and supported all our changing IT needs. There is an ongoing support program that is not only dealing with back-up and general support, but also the IT infrastructure strategy to accommodate expected changes in our business.

All of this for us, means we have a very seamless and pro-active IT solution for our business, which not only delivers substantial peace of mind but delivers a very cost effective outcome on the bottom line given we consistently have minimal, if any downtime in any 12 month period, that is not planned in advance.

Roy J McLeod – Chief Executive Officer – TIME Partners Pty Ltd

I commend Imagine Now I.T. to any business that requires IT support. Chris Burgess and his team have been an absolute asset to my business. I am very fortunate to have them manage all the IT at NLS Law. Their attitude and commitment to NLS Law is remarkable. They respond to any issues that arise in a timely manner and communicate very well with all the staff. The IT support is extremely beneficial and cost effective.

I am so impressed with Imagine Now I.T. and their outstanding service that they provide and I encourage any other business to engage Imagine Now I.T.

Neisha Shepherd – Solicitor Director – NLS Law Pty Ltd

Imagine Now I.T. assisted us with our Leap upgrade and also the splitting of our data file following significant changes in our business. Chris was extremely helpful throughout the entire process, guiding us through the planning stage right through to the completion, and assisting us with having Leap rectify small glitches following the splitting of the data. I can’t thank him enough for his patience, advise and guidance….

Debbie McArthur – Practice Manager – Wall Legal New Lambton

Imagine Now I.T. worked for Lawler Financial Services (now PKF Wealth) for almost a decade and they have been a true partner to our business. They have been an integral part of and a great asset to our team. As the Operations Manager I have great peace of mind knowing that our intellectual property is protected and that all of our hardware, software and security needs have been managed by experts. I have seen productivity increase and both risk and downtime decrease thanks to Chris and his team. They really do offer an exceptional service with a personal touch.

Leigh Priestley – Operations Manager – PKF Wealth

Chris and his team at Imagine Now IT have been providing us with IT support since the very early days of our business in 2006.  They have helped us with installation of new computers, servers, UPS and backup systems to ensure no loss of data in the event of system failures. 

The team here at Greenhills Conveyancing has grown from a home business running from the study in my home to a team of seven with offices in Greenhills.  Of course this means the need for more computers, more data storage and setting up of new computer log in’s and new email addresses.  Chris and his team were an integral part of our move from home office to premises in Greenhills in 2010.  Moving our computer equipment over the weekend to ensure minimal disruption to business.  We shut down the computers on Friday at our old premises and were able to turn them on again Monday morning at the new premises without a hitch. 

While Greenhills Conveyancing has grown, so has the team at Imagine Now IT and Chris has ensured that his growing team are aware of our computer needs and how our business operates on a day to day basis.  Conveyancing relies heavily on the internet for downloading searches and emailing of correspondence and documents.  Is imperative to our office and therefore our clients, that there is minimal computer down time, to avoid delays occurring in our client’s transactions.  We can’t tell our client’s you can’t move into your house today as our computer system has failed!

We look upon Imagine Now IT as partnering my business to ensure it runs smoothly on a day to day business.  We are experienced in conveyancing and not IT experts and we trust and rely on Imagine Now IT for their IT experience for trouble shooting any computer issues we may experience.  We also rely heavily on their direction for better operation of our computer systems, new innovations in the IT world that can streamline the way we work.  We use LEAP Legal Software and Imagine Now IT are LEAP Partners and work with LEAP to iron out any software glitches and updating LEAP software when required.

We recommend Chris and his team at Imagine Now IT for your computer needs, whether it be a for installation of a new computer or checking your current systems and data are operating efficiently and most importantly your data is secure.

Christine Jones – Licensee at Greenhills Conveyancing