10 Things the internet has made obsolete…

10 Things the internet has made obsolete… |

The World Wide Web has been part of our everyday lives for more than two decades now, and in that time we have seen innovation after innovation. It’s little wonder that something so universal has had the power to “take over,” so to speak, and there’s a lot of things that those over 30 remember from the good old days that aren’t around anymore, courtesy of the internet.

Here’s 10 things no longer around because the internet replaced them with more efficient digital options:

  1. Diaries and planners
    Who writes out their daily schedules? Thanks to Google and others, you can plan your life, both personal and professional, using online planners or a calendar app on your smartphone. You can even set reminders to sound so nothing is forgotten. Your old Rolodex couldn’t do that!
  2. Maps
    Can you remember the last time you pulled out a paper map and unfolded it carefully to plot your course? Why would you do that nowadays when have Google Maps? You can literally type the address in on your smartphone, press ‘get directions’ and they are voiced to you as needed. No geographical or directional skills required. Don’t know which way is west? Never mind.
  3. Encyclopaedias
    No need to drag out a heavy copy of Encyclopaedia Britannica for each school or university assignment now. Between Google and Wikipedia, you’re pretty much covered for endless sources of scholarly articles and information.
  4. Letters
    While not completely dead, due to Grandmas who still send birthday cards in the mail, the humble letter has been largely replaced by the convenience of email.
  5. Dictionaries
    See above for Encyclopaedias, Old Mr Webster went the way of the dodo as well. You can Google the correct spelling or definition for anything! You’re welcome.
  6. Recipe books
    Some recipe books may still make the collection for sentimental (think Great-Nanna’s time honoured classics) or collector’s item reasons (like Heston’s Fat Duck secrets), but for the most part it’s easier to download the taste.com.au app on your phone. You don’t need a bookshelf to store them, just storage space on your device.
  7. Book stores
    Amazon and eBay among others kind of pushed Borders and Dymocks out of the marketplace. It’s easier to order your next read from the comfort of the couch and then have it arrive to your door within days.
  8. Yellow pages
    We believe they still deliver this each year, but most of us don’t open it. You can Google businesses with ease or even find them on Social Media.
  9. Fax
    Infuriatingly, some people still send faxes, but the majority of the western world has completely shifted to email.
  10. Print Media
    They’re still around, and it’s still exciting to see your face on front page news (depending on why you’re there, of course), however, the internet is increasingly becoming the source for all local, national and international breaking stories. Most print media outlets now publish online to keep up with the times and share their articles on social media.

There’s many other things that have disappeared as the internet has crept its way in to our lives, but this would be our top 10.

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